J. Michels Quader (Jenn)

Jenn leads Team Smart, spearheading the agency’s innovative PR, content, and marketing strategies to deliver bottom line results to many of the most significant CRE, retail and finance companies in the U.S.

A veteran communicator, Jenn has worked across a wide variety of CRE sectors, including retail, brokerage, development, capital markets, debt and structured finance, asset and property management, fund management, and construction, among others. Her experience spans multifamily, retail, office, and industrial product.

Jenn holds a master’s degree in global communications and honed her skills working on behalf of major national and international companies including Fox/MGM Entertainment, Ford Motor Company, Michelin, and Mazda, among others.

She has served as an Executive Board Member and Chapter Director for Commercial Real Estate Women, Orange County (CREW-OC) and a featured speaker for IREM, the Commercial Real Estate Lending Conference (CRELC), and the OC Marketing & Advertising Association.


Lexi Astfalk

Lexi is a seasoned communications strategist who oversees The Smart Agency’s account teams, guiding strategy and execution to produce results that support the business goals of each Client.

Her experience spans office, industrial, multifamily, and retail product, having worked with major institutional and private equity fund managers, multifamily owner-operators, brokers, developers, and real estate crowdfunding platforms, among others.

A trusted communicator, Lexi has developed strong personal relationships with business, institutional, finance, and commercial real estate media.

With a background in the legal and entertainment industries, Lexi brings a unique perspective and a depth of versatility to the Team Smart. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from California Baptist University.


Renee Gibson-Milch

A former advertising account executive and experienced sales representative for over a decade at a Fortune-500 publisher, Renee brings a depth of knowledge and a wealth of professional finesse to Team Smart.

As Director of Operations, she manages relationships with national and regional vendors and partners, oversees human resources, and drives company processes to ensure Client goals are met and expectations exceeded.

Renee earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and graduated with academic honors from the University of California, Los Angeles. Go Bruins!


Christin Logarta

Christin oversees The Smart Agency’s finance and accounting department, ensuring that the agency’s financial processes and strategies are smooth and effective.

With deep experience as a controller and investment officer, Christin brings valuable experience and a forward-looking approach to Team Smart.


Elisabeth Manville

A knowledgeable PR pro with a strong track record of results, Elisabeth‘s experience spans a wide variety of commercial real estate companies, including brokerage, capital markets, construction, architecture, and fund management, among others.

For Team Smart, Elisabeth guides strategy creation and media relations for a variety of account teams, with leadership across multifamily, retail, office, and industrial sectors.

Her expertise spans content creation and strategy, email marketing, and digital communications.

Elisabeth holds a master’s degree in media and public relations from Newcastle University in the UK.


Carrie Rossenfeld

Carrie is an exceptional writer with tremendous experience as a journalist for national commercial real estate and finance media. For The Smart Agency’s Clients, she produces strong, focused content aligned both with national trends and Client communications goals.

Carrie’s award-winning writing career spans a wide variety of commercial real estate specialties, from development to brokerage, fund management to property management, capital markets to architecture/engineering, among others.

As Editor of SoCal Real Estate, she crafted a voice for Southern California commercial real estate that spoke to industrial, office, retail, and multifamily news. Her award-winning career spans writing for many respected publications, including, Real Estate Forum, and Medical Office Today, among others.


Ally Davis

Ally is a powerhouse communicator with nearly a decade of experience in commercial real estate marketing.

She brings creativity and fortitude to Team Smart, ensuring that the agency’s production and artistic projects are brought to life effectively and efficiently.

Ally honed her skills as marketing manager for Marcus & Millichap and marketing production manager for Hanley Investment Group.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in photography from California State University, Sacramento.


Katie Haga

Katie is a talented PR professional with strategic media relations experience spanning a variety of industry sectors, including brokerage, investment, engineering, architecture, and finance, among others.

A former journalist, Katie began her career with the Sonoma State Star before shifting her focus to public relations via the hospitality industry.

Today she successfully guides strategic and creative work for national and regional commercial real estate and finance companies.

Katie earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and media studies with an emphasis in public relations from Sonoma State University.


Anthea Davis

Anthea is an experienced communications strategist specializing in commercial real estate and finance Clients throughout the U.S.

With a professional background in public relations for hospitality, entertainment, and healthcare, her expertise spans national, regional, and local press and marketing.

For Team Smart, she generates visibility on behalf of a wide variety of companies spanning architecture, fund management, brokerage, retail, multifamily, development, capital markets, and construction, among others.

A talented communicator and former student athlete, Anthea brings tenacity and know-how to Team Smart.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from California State University, Fullerton.

Account Manager

Arleeny Escarcega

Arleeny is an experienced PR, social media and communications strategist specializing in retail, commercial real estate, and finance Clients throughout the U.S.

With a professional background in marketing and graphic design, Arleeny began her work in the public sector, supporting press and social media initiatives for the County of Orange.

Today, she draws upon her talents to craft compelling content and media strategies that help drive Client business goals forward.

With experience spanning retail, brokerage, investment, development, and others, Arleeny delivers strong strategic media relations, content, and marketing skills to The Smart Agency’s Clients.

Arleeny holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations from California State University, Fullerton.


Tess Hezlep

Tess is a skilled communications and social media coordinator focused on commercial real estate and finance companies throughout the U.S.

With a background in retail/entertainment and non-profit/community development, Tess brings a wealth of creativity and content creation chops to Team Smart.

A professional creative writer, she has been published by Laguna Beach Magazine and Montage Magazine.

For The Smart Agency, she crafts compelling content and supports Clients across the multifamily investment, construction, architecture, and property management sectors, among others.

Tess holds a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and leadership from Chapman University and is a certified yoga teacher. Namaste.


Allison Walton

Allison is a web designer and developer with over 10 years of professional experience in the industry. With a background in advertising and marketing, she brings a unique and versatile skill set to Team Smart, delivering creative solutions that help businesses grow.

An expert in the WordPress Content Management System, Allison specializes in creating custom websites that engage the user, enhance the brand, and yield measurable results.

She earned her B.A. in advertising and multi-media design from Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA, and has since earned a professional certificate from the University of San Francisco in integrated online strategies, focusing on internet and social media marketing and SEO.


Alex Bennett

As a senior-level graphic designer with over 20 years of experience, Alex is well versed in design best practices and highly experienced in working with Team Smart’s clientele of leading firms in the commercial real estate industry.

His wealth of expertise encompasses branding and marketing in both print and digital formats, with career experience spanning many sectors including commercial real estate, finance, medical, and telecom.


Anthony Logarta

Anthony is a systems integration and IT specialist with more than a decade of expertise solving complex issues across every platform imaginable.

As part of Team Smart, he designs and maintains all internal systems to keep the Agency’s connectivity running seamlessly.

Anthony also delivers technical guidance to our agency’s Clients, helping move their business objectives forward through technology integrations, creative IT solutions and enhanced SEO strategies.


John Perez

John is a talented graphic designer and marketing specialist with more than 15 years of experience serving companies throughout the U.S.

For The Smart Agency, John supports a wide range of artistic projects, including web design, trade show and email marketing, social media, and video, among others.

John began his career in the public sector serving the City of Fontana for nearly a decade with a focus on economic development, marketing, and public relations.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in public administration from California State University, Fullerton.


Iam Baluntang

Iam is a wildly talented designer with tremendous skill in the creation of visual communications that build brand identity and engage audiences.

For The Smart Agency, he concepts and creates designs on behalf of commercial real estate and finance companies throughout the U.S., while proactively developing new and innovative design strategies to grow the visibility of our Clients.

A creative and multi-skilled graphics specialist, Iam’s artistry is enhanced by a professional background in IT, which gives him an in-depth understanding of how technology and graphics intersect.

Today, his expertise spans digital and print design, web design, photography, and video, among other mediums.

Iam holds a bachelor’s degree in information communication technology from Cebu University.


Jake Milch

Jake is a driven communications assistant supporting a wide variety of Clients across the commercial real estate and finance industries.

For The Smart Agency, he supports PR, social media, and marketing initiatives while delivering administrative support across the organization.

Jake is a creative content producer who regularly contributes to the agency’s professional development and training program.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of California, Santa Barbara.



Griffin brings a FUR-ocious focus to The Smart Agency’s Clients.

As head of PupLick Relations, he oversees all treat-related communications with internal and external audiences.

Griffin’s professional background includes nearly five years of experience patrolling the office halls, handling pesky lunch leftovers, and inspiring the team with gentle nudges.

A winner of the 2021 “Most Persistent Pitbull/Chihuahua” award, Griffin teaches us all that ‘he who asks enough times ends up with the bone.’



Willy is a creative PAW-erhouse who inspires all of Team Smart with his goofy antics.

Throughout his six-month tenure, he has proven extremely effective as office vacuum, lap cuddler, and conference room napper.

A winner of the 2021 Most Dapper Dausset award, Willy is on track to bring Team Smart to new heights – here’s lookin’ at you, pup!