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Fresh off a year of remarkable growth for her commercial real estate communications firm, Jenn Quader, President and CEO of The Smart Agency, recently delivered a powerful TEDx Talk in Paris, France. Despite the broader industry’s challenges, including rising lending costs and a mixed economic outlook, Jenn’s message of resilience resonated strongly with the international audience.

Jenn’s journey with The Smart Agency, has been nothing short of transformative. Acquiring and rebranding the agency in 2018, she has successfully navigated numerous challenges, scaling the company by about 50 percent in the past year alone. Her TEDx Talk in Paris highlighted the importance of resilience in both personal and professional spheres, emphasizing that success often requires confidently walking through uncertainty.

“Being resilient in the face of change is one of life’s most important lessons,” Jenn stated during her talk. “This applies to how we live our lives and especially how we run our businesses. In commercial real estate, where disruptions are constant, resilience fuels progress and innovation.”

Jenn’s talk was a blend of personal anecdotes and professional insights, encouraging everyone to embrace change fearlessly. She shared her own experiences of triumphs and setbacks, illustrating that while we may not always know our path or destination, perseverance is key. Her mantra, “walk confidently in the wrong direction to reach the right,” encapsulates this spirit.

Highlighting her strategies for overcoming adversity, Jenn offered four key takeaways:

  1. Get in the Business of Reinventing Yourself
  2. Learn to Let Go
  3. Get Clear on Who You Are
  4. Grow Your Own Garden of Thinking

Each strategy was brought to life with impactful stories from her entrepreneurial journey, showcasing how these principles have shaped her and The Smart Agency into influential forces in the commercial real estate sector.

“Fear of change is what holds us back,” Jenn emphasized. “What we must be afraid of instead is freezing or retreating.”

Jenn’s message is particularly relevant now, as the commercial real estate industry navigates rapid changes. Her leadership at The Smart Agency has not only guided clients through these turbulent times but has also fostered a culture of independent thinking and innovation within her team.

The Smart Agency continues to excel in public relations, content, and marketing services, offering targeted press/publicity, branding, email marketing, website design and development, event planning, video production and storytelling, and digital/social media strategies.