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While nothing has stopped movement so rapidly as COVID 19, there have been multiple uncertain moments for the economy as a whole and specifically for commercial real estate.

Most of us can name several of them, including 9-11, the dot-com crash, and two massive commercial real estate hits all since the mid-1990s.

With more than 25 years of experience, The Smart Agency has weathered each of these.

As the only national CRE and finance-focused public relations, content and marketing agency, we’ve seen the reaction of hundreds of commercial real estate firms, and have also been able to see the outcomes on the other end.

In this exclusive, The Smart Agency founder, Judy Brower Fancher, reveals key insights on questions such as:

>>Should my commercial real estate or finance firm be marketing itself right now?

>>How have other commercial real estate firms successfully marketed themselves through downturns?

>>How can I create communications that are professional, caring and still deliver our firm’s key messages?

>>How can I strategically position our firm to achieve continued success during a downturn?