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Do you struggle with understanding yourself and others?

Have you ever been interested in diving deeper into how your brain works?


In this speech, our Administrative and Creative Coordinator, Jaz Burke, and Graphic Designer, Richie Watts, share a vulnerable and wildly creative approach to understanding yourself and your co-workers in 2024.

This informative and innovative speech sheds light on #JungianPsychology and how it might display itself in the workplace.

“Your Brain, Inc.” is a system created by Jaz and Richie to easily digest the beast that is typology – so that you might be able to get a head start on learning who you are today.

This is the 3rd in The Smart Agency’s annual #SmartSpeech series – a forum designed to ignite unique thought and nurture new ideas among #TeamSmart.

More speeches will follow in the weeks ahead. In the meantime – what do you think of this one? Who do you believe exists in Your Brain Inc.?