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Quality content is essential to every great marketing strategy.

It’s a fact that to be successful in today’s digital world, a company must generate and publish strong content. According to Vividus, adults spend an average of 7.2 hours per week discovering, reading, and watching online content, and a majority of these adults trust online content more than recommendations from a friend on social media sites.

Whether in the form of a blog, social media posts, press release, or editorial contribution submitted to the media, Content is King and Quality is Queen when it comes to meeting business objectives through a content marketing strategy.

How can today’s companies harness the power of quality when producing and publishing online content?

1.    Utilize strong copy—Text that is well-written, accurate, focused, and crafted with a defined audience in mind is proven to be most impactful for today’s business leaders.

2.    Share great photography—Beautiful, sharp photos (no fuzzy images) that unmistakably enhance the copy and the message are essential to a strong content marketing strategy.

3.    Implement thorough editing—Edit with a critical eye, omitting anything that could confuse your audience or steer them away from your company’s message.

4.    Select the appropriate tone—The tone of your company’s content must match your target audience(s). Especially in industries that market to a sophisticated audience, the content has to be equally if not more sophisticated. That means high-quality, elevated writing that resonates with targets and drives them to action.

5.    Ensure grammatical correctness—It may sound elementary, but the importance of proper grammar in content cannot be overemphasized. In today’s world, where virtually anyone can post content, there tends to be a propensity for sloppiness. Quality content, by contrast, means more than just getting it out fast—you must make sure it’s correct. People notice, and it informs their opinion of your company and its services.

6.    Integrate clear messaging—Every written piece needs to say something and drive home a point about your firm. Make sure your voice and company message are clear in every communication you issue.

7.    Be strategic with visuals—All photography, video, and graphics that accompany your content should be strategic, clear, and look fantastic. Avoid publishing photos or videos that look amateur. Be sure to create something that matches the quality and purpose of your company’s goals.

While today’s companies already understand that Content is King, the key is to also ensure that that Quality is never sacrificed. By defining your firm’s messages and ensuring that each published piece reflects the depth of quality inherent in your brand, today’s firms can implement a content marketing strategy that achieves the results they seek.

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