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best social media platformsWhat are the best social media platforms for commercial real estate?

Here’s a quick look at why several sites are the best social media platforms for different facets of commercial real estate:

#1: Recruiting

The best social media platform for commercial real estate recruiting is LinkedIn.  LinkedIn now has more than 500 million users. The sites’ CEO desires LinkedIn to be the number one job connector in the world is backed by great technology that allows employers to find employees by industry, job title, past workplaces, etc. through either a search function or paid advertising. No other site can offer that kind of detail on the users’ professional lives.

The fact that LinkedIn is reaching everyone from college students preparing to enter the workforce through Fortune 500 C-suite executives, and that it’s reaching more than 100 million users a day, clearly makes LinkedIn the best social media platform for commercial real estate recruitment.

#2: Culture

If your social media presence is intended to show your corporate culture, your retail center’s excitement, or your office campus’ creative vibe, the best social media platform for commercial real estate is Instagram.

With its focus on visuals that illicit emotion, Instagram hits at the heart of the prospective employee, shopper or HR executive.

Convince and Convert points out that Instagram has the second highest usage of any site, second only to Facebook.

Perhaps based on its own youth as a social media platform, Instagram followers enjoy the business accounts, as long as they like the business itself, and the way it’s presented on the site.

While Instagram is being adopted much more slowly by older adults who are fans of LinkedIn, Millennials now make up nearly half the workforce. And they have proven themselves to be more interested in workplace culture, retail experiences the cool factor at their office location.

With 38 percent of Instagram’s users going on more than once a day, it’s also far more likely these people will see your message.

#3 Finance

Trying to reach finance targets, either as lenders to your cause or reaching borrowers? LinkedIn is your best social media platform for commercial real estate.

Those Fortune 500 C-suite executives are the best target, and they are constantly seeking content on LinkedIn.

The same goes for small and mid-size company owners. While they may take a break and enjoy a more purely social site, they are seeking business knowledge on LinkedIn.

#4 Media Attention

If you want media attention, the best social media for commercial real estate is Twitter.

Journalists, who are not only news writers, but news readers, have had an affinity for Twitter since it was founded.

If you want to connect with a journalist, tweet them. We have found that journalists see our tweets, follow our CRE clients, and follow the CRE hashtag, as well.

So for getting in front of those who are creating news, Twitter is the best social media platform for commercial real estate.

The journalists may retweet your news, or may contact you to create a relationship, or may simply click on your tiny url to learn more.

Note:  If you’d like help determining the best social media to meet your goals, as well as the right mix of the various platforms for your commercial real estate business, and how to boost your posts for greatest impact, contact us at