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content marketing

Picture this: You’ve just written the perfect blog for your company. The subject matter is compelling, the writing is high quality and engaging, and the piece flawlessly captures the message points your company is striving to convey.

Now, this is content marketing!

You know the audience is just going to love it. Customers and clients will be reaching out to the sales department by the hundreds. You post the blog on your company website and promote it on your firm’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages . . . and wait. . .

What happens? Not much.

Why? You neglected to market your content properly.

The truth is, even a perfect marketing piece won’t move the needle for your company if only a few people read it. A company blog has a limited number of viewers who must first be enticed to click on that link. With so much competition for attention, today’s marketing professionals understand that they must reach beyond standard methods of content marketing in order to make a significant difference.

Fortunately, there are lots of innovative methods to market great content these days. Here are a few that we especially like:

1.    Partner with a publication – Joining forces with a well-respected industry journal regularly exposes companies to a qualified group of targeted readers.

Producing monthly or quarterly content articles on topics of interest, then having a respected publication share that content with a large but specific audience is a strategic way to embed your company’s name in that collective audience’s brain.

This strategy also brands your company and its executives as thought leaders in their respective industry. Include links to your website and to other relevant blog posts on your firm’s website to further increase exposure and draw people to your brand.

2.    Paid social media – Social media posts can broadcast company messages, but the posts are only effective if the right people see them.

A paid boosting strategy will increase exposure on these platforms and put those posts in front of more readers, while allowing you to specifically target your audience by demographics and psychographics to ensure you are reaching the right people. This expands your company’s expertise to a much bigger audience and encourages more interested followers – who are also potential clients and customers.

3.    Partner with influencersSocial media influencers are one of the latest marketing trends, and can be powerful when used correctly. Influencers who have amassed a following in a certain field are often open to partnerships through which they will tout select companies and products on their social media platforms and websites.

These endorsements and product placements are viewed by a trusted audience, making the influencer a new referral source for your brand.

In the current marketing climate, partnering with a relevant influencer can be a powerful content marketing strategy that will increase positive company awareness.

Today’s marketing professionals must go the extra mile to place their content in front of the right audience. By partnering with well-regarded publications, using paid social media programs, and connecting with the right social media influencers, marketing teams can serve as game changers in helping their companies achieve sales and marketing goals through content marketing.

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