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TikTok has evolved rapidly from a Gen-Z dance and lip sync platform to the most downloaded social media app worldwide.

This quick shift offers remarkable opportunity for brands to make themselves visible and understood among the audiences they need to reach.

But how might #CommercialRealEstate and #Multifamily become profitable on such an app?

The key is to know your audience, be clear on strategy, and execute on brand consistency – consistently.

So says our President and CEO, Jenn Quader in a recent article for Multi-Housing News, written beautifully by Olivia Bunescu.

In the feature, Jenn shares several effective tips and tricks, such as:

>>Start with a content roadmap: identify your target market then get very clear on what you’ll say and how you’ll say it before you start advertising.

>>Set aside a full day to gather photos and videos of current residents and mine for stories during those conversations.

>>Build in time to review and develop stories about things that make the portfolio or property unique, marketing specials, local or regional leasing trends, existing TikTok content, etc.

>>Create entertaining videos that share consistency in look and feel, while still being fresh in content.

>>Use layered interest targeting, lookalike audiences, and the product catalog feature if it’s available to your account.

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